Wednesday, October 29

plaster of paris and paint...

When I headed into this quarter of school and realized there were some long days, I bargained with my two younger daughters that they would be taught art(allowed to make messes) those two days of the week by Tes and Aliss. This would help their sad hearts and make the day go a bit faster for them.
The girls work out of Draw, Write Now some of the time and just go free form the rest of the time. It depends on the energy level of the older sisters who are teaching that day. They get art/crafts two days a week from their sisters and just make stuff the rest of the week themselves. I am amazed at the stuff they make and draw.

Yesterday I came home to plaster and paint. It is messy but I love seeing the creativity of my kids. I make a joke about how my dining room table looks like the camp art table all year round at my house. I do long for a beautiful, shiny table with a nice gloss to it but all too soon those days will be here and I will miss these days. For right now though some of the blobs of paint do need to disappear from my table. That would be an excellent thing for Zack to do. He could sand the table, learning how to sand with the grain and I have some tongue oil left he could rub onto it. Sounds good.

Do you notice the lack of art aprons though? I had meant to make the choicest of aprons for them last Christmas and didn't get to it. It would have been better to just make a plain jane one dont ya think? ;o)
Eventually I will ruin enough clothing that it will become important though.

Sophie's King CobraTessa knew that I had bought the plaster of paris at least three years ago with the prospect of getting all of my babies handprints and hanging them on my wall. Well, yesterday she took me to the bathroom linen closet and said "we can't wait til Christmas Mom". They all were so proud to present me with a handprint. Now to paint or not to paint, that is the question.

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