Thursday, October 30


This past week brought such a kind gift to our home. My Mom is planning on getting a newer digital camera and has given her current one to Tessa. Words cannot express how much this meant to Tessa....and me. If you remember, we had a camera malfunction recently then borrowed one from a friend at church to be able to put pics of things in our Etsy shops while we tried to figure out how to get another camera.

Aliss using her new camera from Tessa to take a photo of Tessa taking a photo of her

Tes thought the borrowed cameras functions were so cool...well, the one my Mom gave her is even cooler. There has been a renewed energy for capturing even more of our lives on the memory card now. Tes gave the digital camera she had to her younger sister Aliss, which made this an even sweeter blessing.

Thanks's amazing what things you can see behind the scenes, when you look through your children's photos--like children on the hood of your van...hmmmm

P.S. college updated-
I have dropped my math class until next quarter. You know there are times in life when something just doesnt feel right. This wasn't the time or the right teacher for me right now.
It feels really good to be able to step back and give yourself the right to not stress out on these things and say it's okay, you'll get it the next time. On a side note, I am getting an A in my Intro to Human Services Class and also in my Guiding the Behavior of Children Class. Love those classes. :o)

Anyway, with math being postponed I am feeling so much more capable of being Mama and not such a failure. We have had dinner as a family this whole past week, with me knowing ahead of time what we will eat, cook the aforementioned food and actually have the ingredients in the home to cook. phew...that feels good.

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Maria Rose said...

Does a math class ever feel right?