Thursday, October 9

road trip finally...

We finally can say we have legal representation! woohoo for us. You can't know what a load this takes off of me. I think I have come into the new normal for my health though, which is sad really. I
really am so tired of all of the physical therapy appointments and have gotten my body down to one visit every three weeks to the chiropractor too.
I am proud of my improvements even though they come with much work and do plan to continue to do physical therapy stuff at home.

Sophie is so tired of all of this lingering accident stuff that she won't even go to physical therapy and cries so sadly to not go. Whats a mama to do in a moment like that; so she does her exercises at home too. The popping noise in her neck is getting better.

Anyway, the trip to the lawyer was an hour each direction and I am happy to report the Silver Bullet (the name of our 1988 silver astrovan) made it there and back without breaking down. LOL!

Aliss and Tessa accompanied me on the trip and we went to JoAnns fabrics (havent been there in two years...TWO YEARS living on Walmart fabrics people...sad).
We also went to Goodwill...not impressed with the prices,
Starbucks-yummy caramel machioto (spelling not so good but taste..yep!),
dollar tree -because why only go to the one in our own town,
Target, again not too impressed,
Icing...pretty things-Aliss got a necklace,
The childrens place--happy clothing store,ahhhh..found Hannah a pair of cargo pants that can turn into capris that are turquoise plaid.

fun day!...

oh! I found more fun trim for my Pony manes on my Giddy Up skirts and messenger bags. I was a little scared I wouldnt but, it- is- done.

On a side note:
If you have a homeschool senior this year there is a great t-shirt give away over at A Pondering Heart's blog.

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Melissa said...

i'm glad you had a good day. shopping with your kids sounds fun!
all the best to you.