Tuesday, October 28

School and enchilada's

Randi is talking about her feelings of where her family is at with homeschooling over at her blog I have to say today.
When I came home today Tessa had some cute photos of Sophie working on one of her workbooks at the table.
I couldn't resist joining Randi in saying that I am glad I am at a point in homeschooling that I feel more secure with the way we do things.

If I hadn't homeschooled for as long as I have (12th year) at this point and wasn't even this sure of myself and my children's abilities (in other words-being able to change direction often) then I dont think we could still be doing this.Part of feeling comfortable with the ups and downs of life while homeschooling for us has to do with our basic routine.

This year we change our daily routine with every quarter of college because of when I can be hands on with the kids and when I cannot. I am blessed to have two older daughters and a somewhat older (12) son. They tutor the younger two daughters on the days I cannot be here. Aliss and Tessa take turns teaching each girl one on one, and Zack is teaching them science out of an elementary textbook I found. They are learning about matter right now and going around the house naming different matter.

I would love to personally be doing everything with each child but life doesnt allow that. I do however think that this is an amazing learning time for all of my children in things that you cant learn out of a book.

One thing that has helped to keep what sanity I have left is to make up weekly menus for lunch and dinner. It feels so good to come back to that in my life. Last night we had beef and bean enchiladas. They were so easy to make. The only thing I dont care for is the white flour tortillas in it. We have tried whole wheat and dont like the taste and corn gets a weird texture when cooked in spaghetti sauce. So, whats a girl to do?

Anyway, back to the "they were so easy part".
*spread a small amount of sauce in the bottom of the pan to guard against tortilla sticking to the bottom
*mix in a separate bowl equal parts of cooked hamburger (I season mine with seasoning salt and garlic) and refried beans
*put a tortilla in one hand and make a line down the middle with beef/bean mixture.
*Roll up tortilla and place in pan-seam side down. Continue placing in pan of your needed size until full.
*spread more sauce on the tops of tortillas
*spread cheddar cheese on top of whole pan
*cook at 350 degrees til cheese is melty



Randi said...

I think it is wonderful that your kids pitch in to help while you are at school. That is a true picture of what a family is!

The Milkshake said...

Man that was good eating! :o)