Wednesday, October 1

small update

Just popping in for a minute...
I wanted to say thank you to you all for all of your kind words about Meatball.
It really has helped me to start healing.

this past 5 days we have been tearing off three very ancient layers of roofing from our house. the newest layer is cedar and about 50 years old. whoa...
anyway, my ex husband is the one who mainly did the work while Tessa and I were the gophers (which I guess cuts the time down significantly?)

anyway, dont have much time to go int0 detail (will be back Friday night to do that) because for some reason my professors at college all decided to load it on this week for homework.
guess my brain will grow. LOL

see you all soon. :o)

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Anonymous said...

So glad he is helping with the roof!! It'll be so nice to have one less worry during the winter months. :o)

Are you still planning on selling someday?