Friday, August 29


Let me start by saying that I am equally proud of each of my children's talents. :o)
Tessa took this photo with an inexpensive digital camera this past year while riding across a bumpy bridge. LOL
This girl has a knack for buildings, people and animals. The photos of the kids that I want to put into sepia tones and on the dining-room wall have all been taken by her. She comes by it naturally. I love those types of gifts...ones that are ingrained but we can polish up.I would love to be able to get her the Rebel camera she has drooled over for the past several years but don't see that happening anywhere in the near future. After her last year of home schooling (my first graduate) this next year we have talked about her taking the CAD program at the local college.
The cat photo was taken to show off the pretty kitty collars she crochets for Etsy.
Can't wait to see where this girl goes with this in the future.


cyndyava said...

She's awesome! Love those photos. You have some amazing children there! Please let me in on your secret. Please! They are all so beautiful and talented. You obviously are gifted at being their mom!

cyndyava said...

Also, wanted to say thanks for your compassionate response to a post I made a few days ago. Yes, always a bit blue when summer turns to fall...other things loom as well and sadness sets in. Time to pray a little more. Time to reach out a bit more, something I have a hard time doing. Thanks for your prayers and understanding. I just wanted to tell you it helped.

lissilulu said...

Wow Cyndy, I am blushing at your thoughts of my family.
When you asked what mys secret it it gave me something to think about.
Actually many things to think about...

I guess one of the things I do with my kids is let them try things. I let them do supervised things until I think they can do them unsupervised and then they can do that one thing and start another supervised thing. I let messes happen and supply opportunity as my budget allows (mostly free opportunities LOL).
I am encouraged that you think so highly of us...thank you.

Laurel Wreath said...

Love these pictures!!!

lori said...

Wow...those photos are awesome...I LOVE the truck one...I'm trying to think of the right verse to go along with that one...maybe I could "buy" some rights to it...and help her with the "Rebel" fund...I am always looking for WFW images....hmmmmmm

What a gifted girl you have!
Has she taken a photoshop class....she would LOVE it!