Monday, August 11

friends, family & fire...

ahhhh, nothing like the draw of a boy to fire is there? :o) the progression of manhood is very clear in my son and I sure don't mind. I am amazed at how he naturally comes into the manly things while he lives surrounded by 5 girls and his Dad isn't in the home. I guess it is bloodlines...his Dad is a very manly man and so are all of his uncles.

This past week one of Zack's friends was allowed to dig a small hole in his back yard and roast a hotdog in it. I am not so big at my house at allowing a boy to man a fire hole unchaperoned so I made a deal with Zack. You CANNOT dig a hole and I have to say when. I guess that would be two deals huh?
He did a great job in finding a 1x1 foot spot in the back yard that the grass seed didn't take sprout this past spring and made it there. We had a talk before that about how close fire needs to be to wood things, as I watched him pick his firespot from the kitchen window I could see our conversation playing in his mind as he looked at overhead tree branches and backed away. I think he did a great job picking out material...cinderblocks (I think they are called that anyway) and redbrick topped off by the grill off of the propane barbecue.

It was soooo nice to sit by a fire watching it while the kids gorged themselves on smores and hotdogs. We are already looking forward to the next firenight. I love it when an idea presents itself for a family memory and it works out great.

I even got the memory of going down the street and picking suitable branches for the roasting sticks with Zack. Mom's can be good for some of these things afterall. ~grin~

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