Thursday, August 7

Final Sewing Day Camp photos...

Tessa was a great assistant all week at the Day Camp. She could help any of the kids with pretty much any question that they had while I was helping another.

The girls made the cutest shirts...too bad the detail of the fabric doesn't show up in these photos. I like when you have to trouble shoot and kids can learn real life sewing. The pattern I bought for the peasant blouses wasn't in one of the girls sizes so she got to fiddle faddle with me. Fiddle the edge this way while cutting it larger and faddle with it while sewing it trimming it here and there to make a new seam. Turned out great and now she knows she can design and create something in her own size even if the pattern doesn't show it.

Hannah and Sophie came the last day too and made a couple of pillows. The girls that were taking the class were impressed with Sophie and Han's sewing abilities, especially Sophie over in her corner using one of the remnants, embroidery thread and large needle.

Very productive week.

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