Friday, August 22

the sun has shown up again...

yummy eatin'--
Sophie decided she wanted to make a pie the other day. Tessa and I played along. Tes made an impromptu gluten free crust by using her Grandma's crust recipe but swapping out flours and I helped Sophie simmer strawberries and mash em, adding a thickner and sugar for the filling.

It turned out so yummy and the girl is soooo proud. outside fun--
I think for the most part Western Washingtonians feel jipped of a summer. At least that is the consensus in Southwest washington. But today...well, the sun may redeem itself.
We are packing up snacky foods, blow up toys and a friend to tag along and heading to the lake.
And yep Mom, we are stopping in at Louie's to give another big hug and lots of kid chatter to cheer his ole bones. He says Hi by the order from this week on my inspiration wall

After finishing up a few orders this week, I have been working non stop since yesterday afternoon on a few new designs for Giddy Up skirts and my first Giddy Up skirt with a matching shirt.

Boy, once those ideas wake you up it's hard to do anything else until they are out of your head and onto fabric all cut out and sewn up. Others who dream and sew who are visiting here can attest to that. :o)
craziness....but in a good way!
a custom order Giddy Up from this week
Have a GREAT weekend!

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cyndyava said...

I am a huuuuuge fan of those giddy-up skirts. I would have gone wild for them when I was a kid. I have a major horse obsession, always did. It's my Chinese astrological sign, too. I am going to place an order for one shortly. Love that pie. I've been meaning to ask you about your gluten-free lifestyle. I've been wanting to try it out because I suspect my daughter has some level of sensitivity to wheat. Symptoms seem to come and go. I was wondering if you could suggest some basic "cross over" items? Also, I've been dying for your gluten-free pizza crust recipe. I hope you don't mind me asking...Thanks so much!
Enjoy the pie and the sunshine,