Tuesday, August 12

gifts from the heart...

There has been some house cleaning going on around here...woohoo! One of the younger girls's friends was over a couple of weeks ago and helped Tessa take TONS of stuff into the A-frame attic off of her bedroom. Tessa now has her own *studio* in there.
She really wanted to show her appreciation for all of the help Leslie gave her so we devised a trade: my skills for her manual labor. Tes did some extra housework for me and I made a Giddy-Up pillow for Leslie from her.

The Giddy-Up pillow has been in my thoughts for a bit now. This was the trial run and I think it turned out very cute. The picture really stinks, I know. The horseshoe has Leslie's name embroidered on it. I put the pictures of it in my Etsy Shop to see if anyone else would like a personalized Giddy-Up pillow for the little cowgirl or cowboy in their life. :o)
Sophie & Hannah personalizing wrapping paper
Hannah and Sophie were invited to a friend's birthday party this past week. The girls both wanted to give an individual gift to their friend instead of sharing one. Sophie gave some fairy toys (theme of the party) that we found at the Factory Outlet store that cost under $6 total. Love that!
Hannah decided that she would like me to make a monogrammed skirt for Esther. I kick myself that I didn't take a picture of it, it turned out so cheerful. I made the main part of the skirt in bubblegum (almost typed bumblebee....oops) pink with sparkles in it, down each side went a sunshine yellow stripe with polka dots in it, then there was a large E at the bottom left corner and orange grosgrain ruffled up all the way around the bottom. so cute!
Esther's mom (a good friend of mine) called to say that Esther had worn her skirt several times and people loved it-that was within a week of her party. LOL! Little girls love candy colored skirts...especially ones that have their initial on it.

Have a great day!

P.S. Aliss and I are holding our Dolly & Me day camp today and tomorrow for 3 hours a day with Sophie, Hannah and one other little girls. I will show pictures as soon as I get em.


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute!! I love that pillow! One of these days, when my life slows down and my foster babies go home (next month), I'm going to steal some of your ideas for fun times with my children. You're such a fun mom!


lissilulu said...

Nicole, we will all have more time for crafty things once the rains start in, won't we? ~wink~
I think you are a fun mom too! :o)