Wednesday, August 20

throwback to the 80's...

We had a late birthday party for Aliss. Since we don't know if it will rain or not from one week to the next here in Washington it is safe to say Rollerskating parties make me feel very happy instead of planning a park party and being rained out.

I am almost to the point of trying out the skates again. Hey, back in the day (LOL!) I was pretty darned good. Anyone else remember rollerskating in their Jr. High years? Madonna and Michael Jackson blaring on the speakers as you went round and round then round again?

Well, I was able to delay it because I would push Sophie around in one of those toy cars but now she skates. hmmm...

We went to the chiropractor today. It was the first time in two years and two months that I haven't been there weekly.'s been a long road. I finally went three weeks in between visits. I really am sold on the benefits of physical therapy and exercise now. It is just a coincidence that when I started walking with my friend that I started needing adjustments less. I think not.
I think that my back got some serious blood circulation to it and helped keep the muscles loose and then they didn't pull out the bones from alignment. Just my opinion.
I called a local lawyer firm today that is fact, several of my friends know the particular man we are contacting and say he has very good integrity. I just want who God says is right for us but I sure hope we find whoever it is soon. My time is running out to close my case. 10 months left.
Anyway, sooo glad I seem to be on the final mend I was getting a bit worried for a while.

Hope you are enjoying the tail end of summer!


Fledgling said...

Hello Lissilulu!

"If God wanted us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates!"
-Willy Wonka

*I* say rollerskating is back and here to stay! Break out the rainbow-striped suspenders!

I'm sorry you're having to deal with lawyers. Does not sound like fun. I hope you find a mutually beneficial solution.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'm in Washington too and I agree with you on the weather. This rain feels so wrong in August even though it sneaks in each years.