Sunday, August 10


favorite food chosen for a birthday dinner...
thick, fried ham, mashed potatoes and sitting around the table
birthday dessert-banana cream pie; made from scratch
breakfast served in bed-made and served by an older sister...
(I asked the culinary chef why the carrots and dip? Her answer was to the point "Aliss likes carrots and dip".
I should have known, I have told the kids for years to stop thinking in the box about certain foods belonging to certain meals of the day)
I love you birthday girl.


cyndyava said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!
That dinner looks YUUUUUUUUMY, too. So lucky your kids can prepare such hearty meals by themselves. And that pie. From scratch? Brava!
Where did she get the recipe?
You have a special family.

lissilulu said...

Cyndyava, Tessa made the breakfast but I made the dinner and pie.
I googled *homemade banana cream pie* and voila there were many choices of recipes.
I love the internet. :o)