Tuesday, August 26

random photo...

Well yesterday I got a bunch accomplished even though I still don't feel the best. You know that point you get to when you decide "I have been sick long enough, I have things that need to get done?" Well, I reached it yesterday but it sure is no fun to wander around cleaning and being Mom while continuously feeling nauseous and having a headache.

I almost forgot to blog today and started cleaning some more but then.....I remembered. LOL

I decided that I would go to the photo files and pick a random unnamed photo...phew! sure am glad it wasn't a morning hair photo of me.

laundry is on the line
kids are doing chores
the sun is shining....
it's getting better.

I am still working through stuff (personal thoughts with God and major financial stuff) so I still feel a bit heavy but am working on it!

If you haven't had a chance to see the new outfits pop on over there and you can see the cutest models ever too. :o)

Not a bit biased am I?

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