Monday, August 25

On my flippy calendar...

To love a person is to learn
the song that is in their heart,
and to sing it to them when they
have forgotten.

That says a lot, doesn't it. I have spent the better part of the morning cleaning up a very dirty kitchen from having a few sick kids this weekend and not feeling the best myself. seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r just to tame the dishes.I am sure there are mama's nodding in agreement to how long it takes to clean up after sickness runs its course in a family. While cleaning I have been rolling the above saying over and over in my mind.

I am blessed.

For the most part I have several women in my life who support me and sing back to me how strong I am when I am feeling weak. Sometimes, I am the one singing to them.Life can just get hard, can't it? I cannot imagine walking through it without support and my faith.

The other day the flippy calendar said this-

Happiness is a sunbeam...
When it strikes a kindred heart,
like the converged lights upon a
mirror, it reflects itself with
redoubled brightness. It is not
perfected until it is shared.
Jane Porter

I am hoping today that you have a friend encourage you and you in turn get to encourage another whether by smile, hug or an encouraging word.


randi said...

I will keep you and the kids in my prayers today. I hope you are all better soon!

The Milkshake said...

"To love a person is to learn
the song that is in their heart,
and to sing it to them when they
have forgotten."

That is so good Mom!
Love you!

Have a great day!

Love Tessa

Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you? I just found your blog~ I have missed you. I love how the blog looks and looking at all your pretty stuff. I think of you a lot.... I love what you wrote (25th). I could never walk this journey without the Lord.

Teena mom to 1/2 dozen & a DIL

lori said...

Hello there!!
I've spent far too long "ohhing and ahhhing" over your talent here! WOW!

Oh my.....what a gift you have...those creations are gorgeous!

Thank you for the wonderfully sweet comments...I'm so glad that you wandered my way...I'm soooo amazed that you are homeschooling 5 alone...I believe I have found a new woman to look up to...

Those children of yours are so blessed....

and YES, I know what a kitchen can look like after sickness rears it's UGLY head....I hope and pray ya'll are on the mend!

oh...and being the "quote collector" myself...I LOVE those two that greeted you today!!;)

I'll be adding this little spot to my sidebar...I'll be back!!
peace to you!!