Friday, July 25

Sophie-The Littlest One...

I should feel very blessed with these creative girls, shouldn't I? I mean one day I will be releasing girls (one at a time I hope) to a world that are very resourceful and creative with what is around them. It can be just a teensy bit crazy to keep up with the crafting and sewing of a houseful of FOUR girls.
When I decided to fill a large tote with small pieces of the furniture showroom fabrics to repurpose for the girls I never dreamed of all of the masterpieces they would make.
*tommorrow I have to show you what Aliss made her younger sisters and friends with the scrap pieces.
Just the look on Sophie's face from making those beautiful pillows tells you why I endure the perpetual mess that 4 girls can drum up with all of this creativeness.

Watercolor by Sophie age 5
grocery list for Momcheep fun rides in the house

Sophie composes the most beautiful songs on the piano. Really. This one she wrote down because it is my favorite and she will sit and play it over and over for me. Most relaxing. The side of the turquoise paper that has a cloud and raindrops reminds us of rain and the other side reminds us of church bells.

Hannah called Sophie up the other night when the dedication gowns were out and Sophie could still fit hers because I made hers the traditional way....HUGE and LONG.
Couldn't button the back though.

I love the detail work that I ended up doing on this.
the backI love the heart buttons and detail lace and ribbon rose on the sleeve.
sigh...time flies doesn't it?


cyndyava said...

Yes, time does fly. I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been reading it for a while and just want to thank you for your inspiration. Your children are such a blessing. So creative and wonderful. That must make all of the crafting mess worthwhile. The look on her face holding those pillows is precious.
I am a single mom of one beautiful little girl who is taking after her mama. She loves to cook and make anything and everything. Their enthusiasm is inspiring, isn't it?

cyndyava said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to share what we do with others. With children, there seems to be creativity pouring from every pore of their being. My daughter's teacher sent home two huge folders filled with all the artwork the kids did over a period of months. What a resource! I hang some around a revolving makeshift art hanger in my living room. I'll give some away as gifts and the rest I'll make little booklets and bookmarks. There will still be a lot left over! LOL. Blessings to you and your family. I hope you'll stop by and say hello again!