Monday, June 9

Tessa's early celebration...

Tes made her own pinata
We had an early birthday celebration for Tessa's birthday this weekend. Her birthday isn't until the Friday but Fathers Day is also this next weekend so we had an early celebration for friends and extended family at a local park.People always have a fascination with the broken pinata. Aliss wore it like an egg head. Silly girl...
You can barely see Zack escaping the party under the fence. He is wearing the orange and blue shirt. I think the little black kitty should go by the name of yogi bear. As soon as he/she heard human voices it was right there thinking food.
I only have one more "official" birthday with this girl. When she was young and more seasoned mothers would say "they grow so fast, enjoy them while you can" I would have never imagined how fast it does go by. She will graduate this next year also. My first child I will have taught almost all the way through her school years: in every way of life. I am so proud of her though. She has a great heart for the underdog, can make food from almost nothing and has weathered some pretty difficult family stuff these past 4-5 years and came out all the stronger from it.
That's my girl!

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Randi said...

Happy birthday to your girl!