Saturday, June 28

Having the sewing room upstairs is still taking some getting used to. Before I would be able to sew in moments. You know, when you can just pop in the room in between when the hamburger is cooking for dinner or you have a load of clothes in the dryer. Well, now it is a concentrated effort which is a lot for me. lol!
I am still having fun with that large piece of fabric that looks like kids drew zoo animal scenes all over it. There are a couple other animal skirts in my etsy shop where this one is headed tonight.
I made a new Bible cover for one of my dear friends at church using this European scene fabric. It is a tapestry from the furniture store that I got a bunch of fabrics to re-purpose almost two years ago. So this will be the happy home for the Bible in it's new Bible cover.

This particular piece had scenes overlapping each other. I find it very difficult to cut into a piece like that because picking one almost makes the other unusable. Well, anyway I like how it turned out and know she will love it. The fringe on it is one of my favorites. I may use up what is left for a fun shabby chic kind of style pillow for my livingroom.

Let me tell you that livingroom definitely needs some kind of help and a new pillow would be a good start.Everything in there is pretty colored but it is mainly three colors. boring...but that is another post.

Happy weekend to you!


Kim in MI said...

That hippo fabric is cute. With your artistic kids, you might consider having THEM draw cute pictures on the inkjet paper that you can transfer onto fabric by ironing ... my sister did something like that with the little pictures her then-2-yo drew (and she annotated them the way he explained them as he drew them) that was very cute.

You make such cute, creative things.

lissilulu said...

Hi Kim! I have thought of something along those lines but more for the kids children when they are adults. I save my very favorite drawings from each child as they are young and will make baby blankets for my grandchildren by using fabric paints and embroidery to recreate them on a quilt.
I bet your sisters things are adorable.

nataJane said...

I love the colours in this!