Tuesday, June 10

end of the first sewing club class...

ever feel like this? Hannah is so funny!
This is the last week of college and I am ever so relieved; or looking forward to being relieved, there are still 2 finals next week.

It would make me feel better if we could at least have more than one day out of the week when the sun peeks through.

waaa, waaa, waaa....

On to more pleasant things-
1. I am in the planning process for 2 hand sewing day camps and 2 machine sewing day camps (each 5 days long) for this summer.

2.looking forward to the veggie stand at the downtown street market this weekend.

3. the kids and some other homeschool families are going on a great hike this next week. We will be lead on a two hour tour (Not Gilligan-ha!) through wooded areas and also to a fish hatchery. The kids will all get nature books with local foliage and animals they may see on the hike so they can recognize the habitat.

4. stimulus checks for my social security number are getting mailed out soon!

5. The first set of sewing club classes ended on a fine finish today. All of the kids were so proud, they all got a beginner sewing kit, a certificate of achievement, and a dose of self accomplishment that a video game could never give them.

xo Lori

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