Monday, June 16


First of all...What to say about this photo? ahem. Dukie is the Grand Poobah I presume. He is actually wearing one of Tessa's new birthday gifts on his head: purple fluffy slippers. Leave it to my kids. The funniest/worst (you choose which) thing about it was the cat liked it. (insert head shaking)

Friday night we tried a new variation of gluten free flours for our family pizza crust. The first one almost gagged me. Good thing I have to taste test everything for quality control. But definitely not lucky for my tongue this time. blech.
It saved me a coronary if I had wasted toppings and time cooking this icky-first-try dough.
I think it was the garbanzo bean flour. The baggie states it has a smooth creamy taste. I personally think it should be outlawed. The first gluten free prepackaged mix we tried was pancake mix. Couldn't quite put my finger on the over all icky taste. After perusing the ingredients I saw it....garbanzo beans.
Suffice to say this pizza crust was much better the second time around. I think I will go back to my original preference for gluten free flours in pizza crust-brown rice and white rice flour. simple.

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