Tuesday, June 3

my turn, pretty please?...

flower by Sophie~$7 including shipping in the U.S.
I haven't had much time on my sewing machine lately because of the 4 young designers in the house.
Sophie has now decided that she doesn't want only to design...she wants to sew her creations too.
I have a big tote that is filled with smaller pieces of sample upholstery fabrics from the furniture store that my girls have free reign to sort through and design to their hearts content.

Rainbow by Sophie~$7 including shipping in the U.S.
The night before market last week Sophie designed and machine & hand sewn both of the above bags with high hopes of selling them both at Market. She made a house under the table the day of market and when she would hear people at our spot she would peek out from under the table to see if they were buying her bags.
Oh, a mothers heart beats so sadly as she watched her daughters heart deflate from disappointment.
I told her I would put them on here because bloggers love to see young creativity and encourage it. If you can't live without one of these pretties email me and Sophie will wrap it up and send it your way. :o)

When Sophie was really sick and we were gearing up for the first day of Market, Tessa was trying to cheer her up by making her a Market Bag. She patterned the Froggie face from the softie I made for the "Fun With Felt Sewing Club"....I told her she should make more for her Etsy Shop.
I think they are adorable and so does Sophie.
I feel bad because Hannah and Aliss have also made some very cute things but I didnt get them uploaded in time for this post...will show and tell soon!

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