Thursday, June 26


This is the summer of reclaiming my home.
There is a lot of hard work to be done. After the divorce and all of the life transition that come along with that, we just hung on for the ride.
Now that we are landing on our feet a bit and schooling for all of us is done for the summer I am hitting this house hard.

Plan of attack-(this week)
shampoo livingroom and family room carpets.

These carpets are low pile berber in a cream color. Well.....the cream hasn't been cream for awhile but in the livingroom it is now. woohoo...two days worth of work.
There is something about persevering through hard work and adversity-even if it is a head strong shampooer. LOL!

To get that carpet done I had to work through:
5 children in and out
make meals
the ding dong shampooer trying to spit out all of the soapy water onto the carpet-so I got to play mechanic too

But I did it! Feels good too. I am moving onto the family room tomorrow.
With the livingroom floor all spit spot I am thinking of prettying things to do in there and dreaming about big, summer colored throw pillows on my couches.

But making things is the fun part so I have to get through the hard work first. We have to have an incentive right?

Phase 1 almost complete!. ahhhhhhhhh.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a hot one here so I may switch the fix it up to scrubbing white deck pickets instead of the family room carpet, so the kids and I can set up the pool. It's refreshing to see this house shaping up into the beauty that she is supposed to be. She was built in 1906. I think she is partly victorian because of some of the woodwork on the outside and the pretty banister inside.

I have been also day dreaming about exterior paint colors. The original paint color was a light peach, by the time we bought the house it was a barn red color. I am thinking of painting the exterior a butterscotch color with window trim cream and doors & shutters barn red. Not sure if that will look too fall-ish though.
comments on houses you have seen with that color scheme?

How are your summer fix-it-up projects coming along?

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UnschoolingMama said...

Oh! Please post all of your completed projects!! It encourages me to look at our home in a fresh new way. :o)

All we've done thus far this summer is weed and plant flowers, but the front yard is looking lovely.