Friday, June 6

more sewing projects...

This beautiful backyard was across the street from the city park we picnic'ed at the other day. It looked like you were stepping into a scene on a stately manor in the country: not stepping off the curb in city limits. wow...

Ever since the kids have been old enough to hold a needle and draw they have been embroidering. I use the term embroidering very loosely. They have me draw a picture and they "color it with embroidery floss". Hannah has been hoping to sell this hanging nursery pillow for awhile now. I think she embroidered it when she was 7.Even the fabric she chose for the back is pretty. It's amazing the awareness of children and picking matching colors even from very young ages.
Last Tuesday was our second Sewing Club meeting. The kids all finished their softie head pillows and moved onto a self designed felt puppet. Sophie dictated what she wanted a snowman to look like as I drew it on the felt , then we cut it out. Don't you think she did a great job with the sewing on it? The above picture is a scene from the puppet play she gave our family in the livingroom. She brought in all of the diningroom chairs into two rows with the piano bench in the front and a water cooler on it. I am guessing she was expecting to throw an all nighter puppet play and figured we would get thirsty?

Hoping your weekend is GREAT!

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