Tuesday, June 24



We have an apple box for the recycling in our laundry room. We wash out the cans very well...but yet...(gulp) they have found us.


If one spot was not enough I have also found a melted sucker in our dining room under the toy cupboard that has/had ants.

There isn't anything left for them to keep coming back to, but yet they do.
anyone have a home remedy that detours them once the delicacy that they have sought out has been found and cleaned?

I have fun plans for this summer..not being the ant guard ready to pounce at the slightest movement from the floor.

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cd&m said...

Oh dear they get everywhere don't they?
Actually I was Just stopping by quickly to let you know that I've moved blog homes, you can now find me at:


Hope you can drop by sometime, I'll be back soon to catch up with you.