Friday, May 9

Week of Spring: Celebrations

About 7 years ago Andy worked for an Oil Distributing Co. The Co owned several gas stations around town. One particular station was ripping up these beautiful yellow Rhodies and was going to throw them out. Andy being the type of man to know what is an excellent opportunity nabbed them and brought them home. They really are the most beautiful, cheery shade of yellow.

Tes thought we needed some cheering up on the table and she was so right. Who says we need to have a holiday or a reason to have flowers on our table?
Nothing beats a vase of flowers from your yard. They look so pretty with the lilacs, even though the lilacs aren't quite blooming yet. Can't wait til they do...they were here over 16 years ago when we bought this house and were also planted for the same woman as the Japanese Cherry Tree was. I believe they are a heirloom variety. Such a deep scent to them.

Today is Milkshake's 4th birthday. She is Tessa's baby and that is not an over statement. In our home the animals are for sure part of the family. They all have such neat personalities....even the chickens. Tessa buys a special can or two of cat food and has a birthday treat with all of the cats (5) enjoying the fun.

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