Thursday, May 15

Pink Petal Delight...

I call the Cherry Tree's petals *Pink Petal Delight* when they start falling. The girls (chickens) love them! They go absolutely mad for the first couple of minutes out of their coop eating them like I devour a Haagen Daaz bar.

Sadly, the tree is shedding. The petals are about half gone now and when the wind blows the petals's pink snow season for the whole neighborhood. The tree is so tall it blows half a block away.

Can you see some of the petals blowing toward the girls when they swing? Sophie was raking the petals thinking she would jump in them like others jump in leaf piles. ~grin~

I don't know what it is about the above picture of the chair and petals and sunlight that I love but I think I will have to have it printed out because of the peaceful feeling it gives me.

The next two days are supposed to get HOT....well into the 80's. yeah! Time to get some homemade popsicles freezing for the kids and figure out easy dinners for the next couple of days. Sure wish I had already gotten the propane tank filled for the barbecuer....time to do that I guess. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend to all of you!

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Kim in MI said...

that is a beautiful picture, with the petals on the chair.

I love the trees in bloom and the ground covered with petals stages, but I'm always sorry to see the season end. I love when the wind blows petals.