Monday, May 26

First day at Street Market and new bag design...

This past Saturday was the first ever Street Market locally. We have had numerous art festivals but not an ongoing Market. We were one of the first vendors so we will have seniority the organizer said. woohoo for Tessa and I.looking to the right of our space--there was more to the left too..this actually was a two block market this weekend but has enough space to enlarge to four city block lengths and everyone anticipates that by next years market
Our booth didnt look exactly like I want it to for the future but also not too bad for a days worth of throwing together (which is the notice I gave myself after deciding to be a member at the last minute)
We didnt have our canopy top yet so we were roasted. that was alright with me though..felt good to warm the bones after such a wet and windy winter. Tessa's things are all on the pink fabric--people were really proud of seeing a young person selling her hand made things.
You can see the little teddy bear and kitty head in the orange bucket that the kids will be making in the handsewing club for 6-11 year olds.
The bag in the front of the first column is my latest...I love this bag. Lots of orange with navy blue and green. Two of the fabrics are vintage and the other is thrifted...I did use a bit on new small gingham though because I couldnt resist mixing gingham with this big, bold flowers.
I'm going now to put it in my Etsy shop in case someone wants it for their very own before this next Street Market.
sold overnight---THANKS STACY!

the front has yellow ric-rac..two of my favorite thingsa little surprise on the inside pockets (there are three)

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Randi said...

This looks fun! Your new bag design is great. Big and roomy--perfect for summer!