Wednesday, May 7

Week of spring: Activities

We have started a session of swim lessons for Hannah, Zack and possibly Sophie. The YMCA puts on a special session in the early afternoon for our Home School group. Sophie got wet and went to the pool but decided it wasn't her cup of tea...she is still considering it as we have another session tomorrow.

Hannah's hair sure looks super long when it's wet.

Zack is in the red shorts

My children have won one of the top three places in the AWANA Grand Prix for the past three years (as long as our church has hosted AWANA). I am so proud of them. This year Tessa won first place (her first win ever) and Zack won third. Way to go guys!

I showed the kids how you can draw symbols for each letter of the alphabet and write letters in code to others.
A little weeding at the church landscaping while waiting for the Grand Prix to start. Had to take advantage of that beautiful sunshine when it peeks its head out.


Randi said...

Swim lessons already?

I have been thinking of doing that with Aubry but here the lessons are for 2 weeks, one hour each morning. There happen to be 3 mornings each week that we wouldn't be able to attend, so I guess my hubs is going to have to teach her this summer!

lissilulu said...

Randi, our YMCA does four weeks at two times a week from 1-1:30. they do this after the school years worth of Home School sports if finished up for kids who still want to go. Hannah is saying she doesnt want to go now...boy, I want them to have a good solid swimming ability but what does a parent do in this situation? There was a little girl there who cried quietly the whole time of swimming lessons. It was very sad.