Thursday, May 8

Week of spring: Outings

Wednesdays I take two hours to myself. Tessa and Aliss go to the park and library with a friend; Sophie, Zack and Hannah go to my friends house across the street and watch too much t.v.
being a busy single mom I NEED the teensy bit of time to myself, it goes by waaaay to fast. There are always way too many things calling my name. Quite often I find I can't remember what I did of importance when they have been gone other than sitting by the woodstove and reading a book.

This past Wednesday Tessa, Aliss and their friend took Sophie with them on their weekly outing. Sophie had fun hanging out with the big girls and getting all of the attention.

While the girls were playing I had a business meeting of sorts. You see, I have this grand idea of having a sewing club for kids of ages between 6-11 years for handsewing skills.
I couldn't think of where I would hold my club and was really praying hard about it. There is a real cute deli/sweet shoppe in our small town that has a separate meeting room. It is soooo cute with red walls, oldie pictures, big windows and lace curtains.

Can you tell how excited I am?

This weekend I will teach my girls ages 6 and 8 a few of the hand sewing felt projects I will be teaching these other kids so I can get a picture of the finished projects for a flyer to put around.
the ice cream shop and sweet shoppe have already said they would hang a flyer.

I am looking for 8 kids to start with for one class. If I get more of a response I will add in another weekly class right away. I am thinking of having the parents register the child for four consecutive classes then I wont be busy always registering new kids for each class.

More to come on the lissilulu-sewing club....hooray!

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