Monday, May 12

Not Dorothy...

I have an aunt named Dorothy but she cannot have these shoes...(Love you Aunt Dorothy). I tried the clicking three times but it didn't do anything...and my dog's name is meatball, not toto.

My Mom sent me some birthday money back in the beginning of April. I really haven't found anything yet that I wanted to spend it on...until I saw these shoes. I know the images are blurry but I wanted to show them to you.
I have a pair of black Mary Janes that I originally bought to work with a catering company several years ago that I still wear little girls each have a pair of Mary Janes too. I have had a little girl (or 2 or 3 or 4) with a pair of black Mary Janes in this home for the past 16 1/2 years. Can ya tell how much I love the style of shoe? LOL!
Now I have a pair of red in the ballet flat style and I will make myself wear some summery skirts this summer with them even if I think the skirt makes me look fat. I broke them in wearing them to school the other day and finally felt stylin' walking onto the campus.]

There's just somethin' about wearin red.

Thanks Mom. ~big cyber hug~

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Randi said...

Cute shoes! Love them!