Tuesday, May 6

Week of Spring: Pink

I have lived in this house for the past 16 years and each year this flowering cherry tree gets more magnificent. It had to have a trimming last year and is still humongous. It is at least 50 years old and was a present from children to their mother. The mother was my ex step dads mom who previously owned this house and raised her children here.

This shot actually starts at about the six foot level. The birdhouse had a family of birds a couple of years ago....who had the sweetest babies, barn swallows I believe. It was neat to watch them learn to fly and how hard that pair of parent birds worked to keep their babies fed.

Since my theme is pink I grabbed the camera when Sophie was giving a treat to the bunnies. This bunny was given to Aliss about a month ago when the neighbor boy couldnt keep it any longer. Tessa also has a super sweet bunny that was saved from being the main course on a family friends dinner table a couple of years ago.

There are the monkeys! Hope you are enjoying some color where you are this spring. We are still fighting through the overcast days and rain but are getting a peek of sun here and there. The flowers are prevailing though and showing their cheerful heads where ever they can.

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Melissa said...

oh- look at your tribe hanging out in the tree! hehe.. such a great shot. lucky kids to have bunnies in their backyard...