Friday, May 2


Tessa has been in the sewing room again. she makes these great business/credit card wallets. She also makes them in the size to carry plain ole' cash. I thought it was neat how she originally came up with the idea. I majorly horded the fabrics from the furniture store for handbags but put aside quite a few in a smaller size that I knew I wouldn't use. Looky what she came up with...we love recycling these fabrics. She has her own shop on Etsy if you want to support her creativity.

The tree is starting to bloom out...this is the largest flowering cherry tree I have ever seen. We will try to get a picture of it in its entirety on a nice day. Sophie raced through her chores and schoolwork so she could get a good climb into it. She was so proud as she is big enough to climb it all by herself know how that happens almost magically when you turn 6.

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UnschoolingMama said...

Sophie's such a big girl!!

Good job, Tess, I love that idea!