Wednesday, May 14

Getting there...

Last night we did the trial run to see how long these hand sewing projects will take for our Sewing Club. Hannah and Sophie had fun and were so proud of their sewing. They learned the straight stitch, whip stitch and to pin fabric and not poke themselves on it while sewing around it.

They are so proud of themselves and I am of them. I didn't realize how comfortable they were with sewing. I tended to housework in between helping them because it took close to 2 hours for them to complete them. They didn't get bored or tired though....guess this is when they learn the lesson of being able to stay up late sewing on that Easter dress the night before Easter for when they are Mommies huh?I started working on the advertising all came and did their own crafts...must be like the telephone when a parent gets on it huh? like bees to honey...
Tessa and I are going to print out the above photo of Hannah and Sophie with their finished projects and stick them in the empty spot on the posters. We have four business around town who are going to put them up.

This is a whole family older 3 kids will be official (meaning paid) helpers and the younger two will be in the club.
We are so excited!

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randi said...

I think this is great and I hope you get lots of responses for your classes! Best wishes!