Tuesday, March 4

the click of the keys....

an old typewriter thrifted by my oldest daughter several years ago for $5.

future writer? perhaps of love poems...she was typing everyone's names and i love you with them.
leaning right into her writing...such passion. Her sister Hannah will set up one of our two manual typewriters at the table and ALWAYS has to have a cup of chai tea beside it...like writers do with their coffee.

I still haven't started designing or cutting out her or Hannah's Easter dresses yet. so much going on....i need to make time though; it's really important to me to give them a mama made dress this year after the past couple of years from getting away from that.

Sophie turns 6 day after tomorrow...she doesn't know yet but I will be staying home from classes to give her breakfast in bed. It's a tradition at our house to get breakfast on a tray in your bed on your birthday. Sophie already has had such a hard time with me going to school in the mornings.
What does a single mama do though? either i go to work for much longer than two hours a day or i just go to school. try to explain that to an almost 6 year old though.

i am trying to get my etsy shop going more though so the summer months don't send me to work somewhere while i dont have school to support us.
single mama sustainability...

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