Thursday, March 27

care package...

Have you ever opened a package of halibut with "Hey Sis!" written inside one of the layers of paper? Well, obviously not if you are a guy.
My brother Anthony caught this particular halibut himself in Alaska; where he lives (at least part of the time). My Mom needed to fly to NY State for a recheck on her back from a previous operation. My brother talked her into taking the halibut since she was planning on stopping here for a visit on her way back home. So my halibut did a run through (several months) in my Aunt Dorothy's freezer in NY and then onto me. My mom also brought venison roasts and backstrap from deer season while she was in NY.

halibut: cooked in cast iron w/onion and garlic powder & dill

I just cant get away from posting about food lately huh? Well, this post was supposed to be focused more on the love of my brother and mother, so that is what I will end with.

My brother who caught the fish (delicious by the way) and saved it for his sister, nieces and nephew 3,000 miles away and my mother who transported it across country and back-- to us.
love to you both!

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Jackie Collins said...

Hey glad to see the lovely "bounty from Alaska's deep water" being put to such a worthy ending........It just took a little bit of persistence and protection to get it through all of the freezers and people to the destination requested. We'll see what the new year in fishing and travels brings with it.......hmmmmmm
Well, enjoy it if ya got it!!!!
Love ya.