Friday, February 29

it's that time again...

It's Easter dress makin' time again. Feels like forever ago that I made a decent Easter dress.
The last couple of years have knocked me for a good one but you can't keep a good woman down.
Just looking at that fabric stash (messy-many more fabrics are hiding behind the front ones) makes my head spin with ideas. You know what happens when you have too many don't do a darned thing.
I now only have two little girls to sew froo froo dresses older ones like skirts now. Not as colorful and not as fun...they have grown up way too fast. but to be sure they have had their share of mama made froo froo dress sets. LOL!
Back to my younger two daughters...they want boutique style dresses with pantalettes with two layers of ruffles at the bottom, and can you blame them?
I picked up a yard of fuschia leopard dots at WalMart as one of the ruffles or piping on their dresses....just a little touch of fun!

Here's one I am considering fiddling with til I like it....turning the bloomers into pantalettes and adding more things like piping along the bodice and more color.

I am really liking the vintage orange with white flowers at the bottom of the picture. I also like the lime green with red cherries at the top left of the picture. It's a good thing I get to make two totally different dress sets then I can play with color more than just once.

Sophie turns *6* Thursday of this next week. How did it sneak up on me? She wants a tea party birthday party. She drew out her cake for me....a teapot, of course. ~grin~
Tomorrow we will craft up some cute teapot invitations for her friends.
I am still looking for a public place to hold the party though, with all of the room swapping still being finished up I dont really need the stress of having people over. A little dose of grace from me to me.

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