Thursday, March 20

kid art website...

If you have kids (and like to encourage creativity-LOL!) you have to visit this site Zackery and I just stumbled on.
Mr. Maker

We were looking for the question of *Does a fox actually live in a fox hole*? We found a neat site for that and this Mr. Maker site was linked to it.

we are going to try this project of painting with wool string
I t looks like the same concept of splotching out a goob of different colored paint on one side of folded paper and closing the paper to make a design.
there are lots of other art/creativity things on that site too.
have fun!


Cakies said...

Just stumbled upon your blog... thanks for the site! I can't wait to some creating with my daughter. You make lovely things!!!

lissilulu said...

cakies, nice to see you here. Thanks for the compliment on my things. there's tons of stuff to get your creative juices flowing for kids crafts at mr. maker.
Have fun!
going to visit your blog now. :o)