Friday, March 14


let's talk single parenthood...
I know I just lost several of my readers in that phrase alone. I used to feel that way myself; that it doesn't pertain to me. I think differently now that I am in it. What we don't understand of someone else's life could really touch our own in unknown ways.
As in-- I may have been a bit more content in my life at the time if I had known more about a single mom's life before I actually had walked in it --just the difference of time management for instance alone, would have opened my eyes to how precious mine is.

As I sit here I am wrestling with a few things...
1. how will college classes affect my family life in the long term and how long of a term do I really want that to be?
*Yesterday I found out in my counseling appointment for this next quarters classes that counseling may not be a career I really want to attain. I love to encourage people and also to help them to see who they really are and not who life says they are but that may be something I do in a day to day walking out with people who cross my path in life.
To counsel in the way I had thought I was going to would take a masters degree and honestly, I don't want to be walking this college path for 6-7 years. I also dont want to cram classes to the detriment of my most precious possessions--my children. Thinking out loud to some other avenues that I may turn to instead.
so herein rests the balance heart is in my home. can single parents really find supporting jobs without a *degree*? Can they be creative sort of jobs? Do I want to get an associates in art instead and also learn the CAD that a responsible choice considering the availability of jobs locally in that field?

Is your head spinning with ideas like mine yet? :o)


2. being a single parent doesn't leave a lot of room for taking chances....
*Tessa has asked several time why don't we open a lissilulu storefront? oh how I would love to devote myself to creating like some women online that I know. how that would feel sooooo good. I cannot take the chance...the time it takes is tremendous.

ALTHOUGH one thing I do want to do and would love input is to make some patterns for sale of some of my design. I would like to make a giddy-up skirt appliqué pattern and a few other appliqué patterns along the same lines for sale. I need resources for how to have a professional sleeve for it though.
I have had another crafty mama offer to show me how to make a pdf form of it for people to buy also.
so many ideas.


offhand, my final grades are B in English (with a very high expectations teacher), A in pre-algebra, and an A in my study skills class.

yeah for me with my first quarter grades!


UnschoolingMama said...

Awesome grades!! *clap*

What is CAD? I think that you are motivated, and guided in a way that many single moms are not. You'll do what's best AND it'll work out.

Have you thought about substitute teaching while you get a store moving?

I always thought I would do some kind of daycare if I were put in this position, but I could see that interfering with life.


lissilulu said...

unschoolingmama, CAD is computer aided drafting. There are three levels of it in an associate in arts degree. It can be used in blue prints, graphic design and I think some women use it in part of the fabric design process.

I have thought of daycare and haven't done it because I also think it would be too difficult with the different dr appts from the auto accident.

Thank you for the clap for the grades. :o)

Hopefully, the career counseling at the college will help me decide which direction to go.

Christine said...

You are in an incredibly difficult position and my heart really goes out to you. I so appreciate your attitude of putting your dc first. I know that earning enough to survive is not easy.

My sister is a single mom, although due to different circumstances than your own, she too is going to school trying to improve her earning capability. She is taking accounting.

I pray you can figure out which direction will be best for you and the dc.