Thursday, March 6


decisions, decisions....math class versus making a breakfast-in-bed tray for my sweet little girl on her birthday morning? not a hard choice. It was so nice to be shuffling around my kitchen with only the sound of my slippers on the floor and the smell of fresh coffee in the air instead of rushing about to get to class on time.
hookie...not bad sometimes, if for a good reason.

Doesn't look like she is having any problems tucking into her food, does it? Her hand is moving so fast it's just a blur in the photo. She loves yellow so I went to my stash and found this fabric with orange, green and yellow polka dots; just the size for her tray.

--Menu for 6 year old girl birthday tray--
*tray (of course and very important)
*cheery fabric
*fun dish for smoothie or yogurt
*napkin to roll silverware in
*flowers-fresh or fake
*sprinkles (also very important)
*LOUD singing of the Happy Birthday song as you approach the intended bedroom door

*yogurt w/granola and sprinkles
*homemade smoothie--banana, brown cow yogurt (vanilla flavored), frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
*omelet --eggs from our hens, shredded cheddar and ham chunks

Have a GREAT day!


nataJane said...

I love this! Such a sweet idea...

Jackie Collins said...

Gosh, I don't think I have ever had the priviledge for my I do remember quite a few lovely Mothers' Day feast delivered to my bed waaaaaay back when!!! Thank you ever so much for those memories. If you feel the need to expand your delivery service area....May third, Sterling, Alaska...;)