Monday, March 24

birthday party x2...

Sophie turned 6 on the 6th (her golden birthday) and Zack is turning 12 this Wednesday (26th).

Soph loved her cake, she wanted a *pretty* birthday cake: translated= lots of sprinkles and her name on top.

Zack wanted a cake that was like a reesies peanut butter cup. I made a brownie for the bottom layer and mixed corn syrup with peanut butter for the topping. I chopped up reesies pb cups for the sprinkles.
Pretty sure Zack liked know how talkative 12 year old boys are about cakes. LOL!
Had to share the outfit that Hannah picked out for the day. great color combos!

mmmmmm.. still enjoying a bit of cake today.


nataJane said...

Lol! I do have striped stockings, but (I must admit) I have never worn them with plaid... I think she pulled it off beautifully though! ;)

randi said...

Happy birthday to both of the kids! Their cakes look quite tasty!

your daughter's tights are just too cute! My daughter has the same eclectic sense for fashion!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I just can't believe how the time has flown, and how big your babies are becoming. *Sniff*