Wednesday, March 19


I know, I know; another post about the kids. LOL!
I can't stop being proud of them and how they love to cook.
Angry chicken was talking about her girls and her making sugar cookies the other day on her blog, the message I left in her comment section turned into a short book bubbling of my girls cooking and how proud I am of them.
oops... sorry Amy.
the kids LOVE...literally, they do love this apple corer/pealer. I don't think it officially belongs to us either. I think Andy borrowed it from someone before he moved out. Well, I certainly don't know anything about that (I can play dumb right?) and it has been at least 4 years since it appeared at our house so maybe it is officially ours by way of a grace period or something.

My son was the one who started the marathon apple pealing, lemon water dipping, cinnamon sugar sprinkling(ahem...sugar loading) of the apples. We haven't used the dehydrator for about as long as the peeler/corer has been at our house. It's amazing what treasures the kids can unearth around here.

You know there is something mysterious about dehydrators when apples with cinnamon/sugar is on them. A person goes to get some crispy-cinnamony apples goodness, lifts the lid to find....nothing! So she continues lifting trays in a fruitless( pun intended, LOL!) effort of hunting for apples and nothing. I fear the same fingers who placed them in there couldn't stand the wait and gobbled em up.

On a side note and none less interesting than the children chef's in the making-
If you are interested in listening to a mama-married woman-work at home entrepreneur you should head over to craftsanity and listen to the podcast with Anna Maria Horner. It's long but well worth it for the realness the girls showed.

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nataJane said...

Oh, dehydrated fruit is the best in the world! Mine never lasts longer than a couple hours though...