Monday, September 8


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Enjoying ---

:::getting up before the kids and reading "A heart like His" by Beth Moore to wake up my heart, and a big mug of coffee to wake up the body :o)

:::listening to my youngest on our piano giving me a concert for one and showing her the secret of numbered notes in the beginner piano books she is "playing"& watching her new little fingers try to listen to her head of what key to push when.

:::getting dishes done first thing in the morning and looking at a clean counter...amazing for me. (honesty is a good thing eh?)

:::soaking my son"s new white (what was I thinking?) skateboard sneakers overnight and seeing them almost white again :o)

:::knowing I am under His wings at this time in my life...the digital camera I was expecting without knowing where it was coming from has arrived in a miraculous form. It isn't as amazing as someone getting healed or a mountain being moved but still amazing to us...
4 years ago Tessa's dad had her first digital camera in his motorcycle's leather saddlebags with Easter eggs (the real kind) and forgot it there along with the eggs.

Lo and behold, there came a serious smell we couldn't figure out.
the saddle bags...

The camera was dead...seriously, smelly dead...I guess rotten, sulfur fumes can dis-configure electronics. Who woulda thunk?

Yesterday when the kids went to their dads overnight he handed her this camera he found in his stuff and said it had pictures of their ducks when they were ducklings (Tessa says babies).
This is her camera that was dead! Not dead now. How amazing is that?

So, we have a camera again and are having a photo shoot today or tomorrow..because I cannot wait to show you the Imogene dress and bags I have made these past two weeks that are going in my shop.

Have a GREAT day!


lori said...

CLEAN COUNTERS..nothing like em!:)
I'm laughing, before we went to church last night, I told the people, I wanted to come home and see the counters CLEAR...:)

Great names think alike!;)

Hope the day was a good one!

randi said...

Love your list! The simple things are what makes life special!