Monday, September 15

golden birthday...

Hannah turned 9 on the 9th. This means golden birthday.
Did I ever tell you she was born on 9-9-99?
AND on her Daddies birthday?
I strapped on a pair of skates after 24 years for Hannah's party. it was rough going and I am sure I made some of the other adults who were watchings day. LOL
BUT...after about 30 minutes I got my bearing and it was a blast. skating away from the wall and hand rail is very freeing... LOL
Anyway, Hannah had fun and a wonderful birthday party.
hokey pokey anyone?....on skates no less.

littlest pet shop cake
the whole birthday gang...what memories they will have


Jackie Collins said...

Verrry nice looking "gang" you hang around Lo. It would seem that everyone had a great time and I am glad you took the plunge and got into the skating pool too. Some nice looking tans in the pics too........I could show you my Alaska rust line from this summer but then I'd have ____ you! LOL

diana said...

Hi Lissi, thank you for your nice comment on my last post. This birthday indeed is incredible: all those 9s! Will be a lucky year!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Pretty Pretty!!!!!

Wow. 9. Sigh.

Much love,
Nicole and gang