Sunday, September 21

oh boy...

I am a little nervous about what to expect this week.
Well, one of the things is that our family dog of almost 15 years is going to be put to sleep on Tuesday...

Right after Dukey disappearing is not the perfect timing for our hearts but he is starting to have too many health issues and I don't want his quality of life to suffer.
So far he hasn't had any major stuff happening but now seems to have eye, ear and increasing arthritis issues.

So it is time to say goodbye to him.
The other major thing is I start new college classes on Wednesday and am not sure about the load of them with being a single mom and home schooler. How will it affect my family? Will I be able to do each of them to the best of my ability and school my kids too? sigh...
I am taking algebra 5 days a week, intro to human services 2 1/2 hours on Mondays and 1 1/2 hours on tue & thurs, and general psychology online.

These are each 5 credits a piece. To get financial aid (which I need) I need to take 12 credits each quarter.....thus the dilemma. Can I drop the online psych class and take a class online that is 2 or 3 credits instead that still goes to the human services degree?
I am calling my adviser tomorrow to see.

sheesh....being a mom and going to school is durned hard.
I am also planning the first month of our school year here at home this week. (insert crazy laugh here) :o)

Hannah had fun modeling the Giddy-Up Messenger Bag.
I had a great gal convo me on Etsy this past week asking if I made them and so I did make her the first one and have put up a listing for other people to order one in their little girl's three favorite colors in my shop also.
Now, I think I will sell what I already have listed and special orders from my shop and not put anything new in there for a few weeks just for the sanity of my family.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hard. Would it be possible to take algebra later, so you aren't gone 5x per week? Adding something else you need on M, Tu and Th?

I'm so sorry about Meatball. :o(

Love you,

lissilulu said...

Nicole, I talked with my advisor about the psychology class and she said it looks more intimidating than it is. We are talking about it today on campus...she is willing to allow me to switch to *Guiding the behavior of children* online instead if I wish.
I wouldnt want to swap out the algebra only because I am not sure I can pick it back up having taken a break from it....braincells ya know. :o)

Thanks for the love about meatball...I keep trying to make deals with myself about giving him supplements and so on....sigh....

UnschoolingMama said...

Sometimes it's better for the pet to just let them go... although it's like letting go of a child. :o(

I understand what you mean, I have often thought of going back to school but I'm not sure I have enough brain cells left for ONE class! You're doing great!!!