Wednesday, September 17

it's twins...

Dukey still cannot be found. I am trying to move on while still hoping God will bring him home soon. Meanwhile we have new company visiting us....

Meet Leon...He is beautiful. the first day he came he was very skittish and only came for he comes to be petted.
After Leon being here a couple of days we had another visitor...Owen...I had to do a double take.
It was quite sweet to see the reunion of these two brothers. Owen walked cautiously to Leon (dark faced one) and flopped down beside him and Leon proceeded to lick Owens face.
I really don't know what their outcome will be in our family. They both haven't had the operation and I don't want to pay for that without knowing if they will stay (even though it seems they call this home). If there was a local vet that believed in doing the neuter and release on stray animals that would be great but I don't know of any.This is the latest skirt I made. It's Sophie's, but this time I thought ahead and made one in a size 3-4 and one in a size 5-6 for the shop. I'm catching on. :o)
would be sooo cute with tights or knee highs and mary janes or boots and a sweater....lots of choices and could be worn with just about any color as I went all out with the colors involved.
But that's the way we like it round these parts. :o)


Randi said...

I always like to see what becomes of our prayers! Twins! Very cool!

Maybe you could call some vets and tell them your situation. Who knows, maybe one of them would like to do the operation for free since the cats can stay with you. You never know!

I love the skirt. All the colors are great!

Jenn~ said...

Owen and Leon are just beautiful...what stunning markings!! and your little skater girl is quite the the skirt :)