Thursday, September 4

checking in...

Hi all!
Boy, that lat post was a doozy huh?

A few updates from it--
:: Chocolate Twinkle died in the night last night.
I have decided that my time having chickens in town has come to a close. We have three left and that's not quite enough for the work they cause PLUS I think I am just tired of added responsibilities that I don't need anymore.
The kid's dad will take them after he has built an added coop for them specifically from the rest of his chickens or they will kill them...that wouldn't be the intended outcome we are lookin for. :o)
So we are burying a chicken and being a bit sad about the pets that Aliss has lost to illness or other calamities of an animal.

:: Weed-wacking on the yard is done and mowing too. Check!

:: Weekly errands and doctors appointments are done. Check!

:: dog isn't scratching as much, hopefully it isn't coincidence. :o)

:: Heading to the lake after chores are done tomorrow. ahhhhh

:: finished the Imogene dress...can't wait to show it to you but the camera met up with the floor today. sigh (insert crazy woman laugh)...we are brainstorming a way to still take photos and put them online..we kinda need em for earning money. :o)

You may return to your regularly programmed life now....

Can you tell I am liking the colors today?

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