Monday, September 8


School Uniform + Spunky = Imogene Dress

I seriously love this dress.
I had so much fun with it and have plans to make a few in the black & white plaid that I used on this one's french style cuffs.
Oh, it was so much fun! There's only one in the shop in the grey though because I only had enough of that particular fabric left to make Sophie her own dress...and who wouldn't; she looks so darned cute in it. :o)
What a great little model...and I can pay her in Jelly Bellies.

I also added to the shop a couple of Stripey Harvest Handbags and a Blue Leaf bag too! These bags are 95% repurposed fabrics from a furniture showroom...mine never wore out before I was ready for a new one. :o)

edited to say: I haven't a clue as to why I am being so bold with my words in the bottom of this post and have tried for 15 minutes cutting and changing font size to no avail, so just know that I am not yelling at you. LOL


Anonymous said...

You are seriously tempting me in a time when I canNOT afford such pretty things!!

Glad to read your updates.

Love you,

lissilulu said...

Thanks for the feedback Nicole...I was beginning to wonder what people think.

Cyndy I already know what you think. :o)

Yes, I am THAT shallow to need feedback. LOL

Fledgling said...

Hello Lissilulu!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your girl sure does look pleased as punch in her spiffy new dress! What a sweetheart in that tuxedo collar. I really like that you revisit a genre of clothing and finding ways to make it look up to date.

Have a great day! -N.