Thursday, September 18

around home...

*working on two daily/school schedules for the kids and I.
I need to make one that is for Tuesday/Thursday and one for Wednesday/Friday because of the different times I have classes at college on those days.

*Tessa and Aliss taking out their viola and violins and playing around with songs they learned when they took lessons.

*Zack sifting through legos building the moment he is building some sort of building or tree house for his Anole to go into.

*Sophie and Hannah making clothing out of grocery bags and scraps of fabric....and the endless house/tent communities in the back yard before the rains set in.

*me working on a request at my Etsy shop. I am making a messenger style bag for girls with the Giddy-Up pony on the front flap and the horse shoe on the back. I am making it with a patchwork style strap that uses D-rings for it to be adjustable.
Very exciting!

*our house is getting a new roof next weekend. My ex-husband (Andy) is tearing off the original three layers and reroofing the whole thing with some friends.

*planning a small winter garden in the wheelbarrow garden (a refabbed old wheelbarrow Andy made into a flatbed with sides and I whitewashed). I found some organic romaine lettuce seeds at Walmart. Would also like some carrots.

* Hannah reminding me that she likes hamburger, tortellini, vegetable soup and me telling her soon.....soups, sweaters and snuggling up with good books....soon.

* feeling blessed that I have sold 4 items in my Etsy shop this past month.

*My purple Giddy-Up set made it to a treasury on Etsy this past week.
Thanks Reneesfashions!

Happy weekend to you!


Anonymous said...

I still stand (sit?) amazed that no matter what is going on in your life... all the activity, school, kids... you still manage to be calm and find creativity. You amaze me.


Mariposa said...

hey lissilulu, just came across your blog and see that you're one busy lady! I'm wondering what you're going to school to study and say you are an inspiration!

lissilulu said...

Hi Mariposa :o)
I am going to school to work in the Human Services area...not sure what the specific field will be but I do know in my heart it will involve children.
thanks for the very kind words!