Friday, January 30

tea & honey...

sorry to have been so absent...
Colds can take their time or take out a whole rank in a big family. this past two weeks it seems to have been doing both in ours.

along with the cold that is making its rounds and putting the local stores out of lemons and toilet paper for noses i am still getting my feet under me this quarter at college.
with three 5 credit classes in my schedule this time...i have been asking myself what the heck i am doing.
with the economy though there isnt any other choices to be able to get my family on its feet financially though so college and all of the craziness it brings when you have a family and are the only adult in it.

enough of that...lots of frost still happening here, so its cold.

zack and aliss have tried an online curriculum through the school district...i dont like it. i dont like the amount of work for the timeframe they have. they wont be retaining a bit of it. this is what a mom gets when she doubts herself...a whole lotta frustration and time wasted trying something else out.
i am now talking with other homeschool moms to get my creative juices flowing..i dont have money to buy new stuff so thats where the creativity comes in. lol! many others who have come before me schooled their kids on minimum money and so can i. :o) that was a pep talk to myself i think.

well, i am sure i have been random enough for you with all of the thoughts (not all of them really) running through my mind ...have a great weekend! stay away from people who cough

Lori xo

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