Thursday, January 22

waking up...

This past week has brought a ton of sun to us. The whole neighborhood is waking up from the winter hibernation. The temps are still a bit chilly but no-one is complaining. We have sure been taking full advantage of it here at my house.

zack on his waveboard
Hannah pulling Aliss

The wood we bought seems to have dried out a bit so we have been doing some chopping. I can't say enough times how relieved I am to be able to get to the point past all of the Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage to be able to take care of what needs to be taken care of around here. Granted, there is a lot of stretching afterward to ward off problems from the strain on my neck and back but---I did it!..and so did Aliss and Tessa. :o)Tessa wears some mighty fine shoes to chop wood huh? Ever the fashion queen. :o)

Hope you find some play, work and rest in your weekend!
Lori xo

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Anonymous said...

Poor girls... they both chopped holes in their pants! ;o)

Send some of that beautiful sun this way, will ya? Wishing we lived closer and enjoyed some of that with you.