Sunday, January 11

warning: don't read if you are a vegetarian

I am really enjoying my new stove/oven. Kinda glad the other one gave out, although I could have lived without using a toaster oven for 2 days, but we lived. Made a ham and rubbed brown sugar alllll over it too...

I even got to watch it through the oven window, where the above shot was taken...weeeeee!

mmmm...turned out so juicy.
Yesterday Sophie and I took some time to do some tlc to the stove too. I was taking off the drip pans and burners when she wandered in. She got right into the act...we cleaned the drip pans, lifted up the stove top and wiped under there clean, opened the oven up and wiped that all down too.
What a fine worker she is! I love having one of the kids working beside me. :o)

Lori xo

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